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IdeasCity Athens took place September 19–24, 2016 and featured an intensive five-day residency program with forty Fellows, culminating in a public conference featuring internationally acclaimed speakers from the fields of art, architecture, design, policymaking, and urbanism.

Following an open call for participants in the residency program, IdeasCity Athens received over fourteen hundred applications from fifty-four countries, and forty emerging professionals were selected. The five-day residency brought together emerging practitioners working at the intersection of community activism, art, design, architecture, and technology in cities around the world. IdeasCity Fellows lived and worked in the Athens Conservatory and transformed the space into a multifunctional hub of cultural activity.

IdeasCity presented the opportunity to observe Athens from the perspective of two key forces that are defining cities today: the flow of humanity and the flow of capital. As a primary flash point in the rapidly escalating refugee crisis, Athens is facing unprecedented challenges in the recent history of Western civilization, yet the city also represents a destination, a center of hope and survival, and a place where one can conceive new realities.

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Goldman Sachs Gives at the recommendation of David B. Heller & Hermine Riegerl Heller

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LUMA Foundation

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Stavros Niarchos Foundation

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Joseph Grima, Vere van Gool, Isabella Nimmo