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Photo by Panos Kokkinias

IdeasCity Radio with Negros Tou Moria and Black Athena | Photo by Panos Kokkinias

IdeasCity Radio is a collaboration between IdeasCity and Clocktower. IdeasCity Radio’s premise is to exchange, discuss, share, and connect ideas and insights initiated during the IdeasCity Detroit and Athens programs. Hosting live conversations, interviews, and musical performances featuring Detroit and Athens Fellows, participants, and speakers, IdeasCity Radio will bridge the conversation on topics such as public art, social justice, and urban design from Detroit to Athens and vice versa. IdeasCity Radio is a public forum to engage, reflect, and interact for IdeasCity’s local and international community and offers a window into the initiation of ideas for the future of the city.

IdeasCity Radio runs from September 10-24, 2016, and is broadcasted from Clocktower’s space at Pioneer Works in New York and the IdeasCity Athens site, the Athens Conservatoire.

Listen here!

IdeasCity Radio Team:
Joe Ahearn, Jake Nussbaum, Vere van Gool, Nikolas Ventourakis, Mia Wendel