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IdeasCity has invited locally and internationally recognized practitioners to design interactive sessions focused on key areas of inquiry pertaining to the theme of New Ecologies. Workshops will take place throughout the afternoon on Saturday, September 21 at Concrete Plant Park. More information and details on how to participate coming soon.

Monxo Lopez, Libertad Guerra, South Bronx Unite, SovereignTies:  A music-infused panel anchored on urban activist efforts to claim community self-determination in unique cultural spaces in Mott Haven (the South Bronx), and Santurce (San Juan), featuring a livestream conversation between activists from the South Bronx and Puerto Rico. These efforts have become deeply interconnected beyond the historical diasporic tiess of both communities, as the the two enclaves discussed have been dispersed and displaced following a decade of fiscal crisis, environmental racism, under/over-development, and un-natural disasters. Here and there, specific cultural efforts to take root prefigure more structurally humane modes of politics, critique, urban planning, and -importantly- enjoyment. SovereignTies will explore these joyous critical movements across the artificial boundaries imposed by colonization and nativist nationalism, along with the unique combative rhythm indigenous to Caribbean cultures. Featuring Ed Morales, Mychal Johnson, and members of Taller Communidad La Goyco, Héctor ‘Tito’ Matos, Mariana Reyes Angleró. Karen Rossi. #PerreoCombativo in Santurce and the South Bronx.

Coco June, Putting Culture Back Into Agriculture: Recognizing that the American culture that we live by today was cultivated by the perseverance and phenomenal storytelling abilities of Black Americans, Cordelia “Coco” June, Tyrell Holland and Bronx Native Roya Marsh have devised an interactive cross-cultural learning experience aimed at combating food apartheid through the celebration of Black History and agriculture.

Xaviera Simmons, A Starter Method ( To Deconstruct Or At The Very Least Examine The Intricacies Of What Whiteness Actually Is): This summer, artist Xaviera Simmons writes in The Art Newspaper: “Whiteness must undo itself to make way for the truly radical turn in contemporary culture…If radical change is truly desired then those who have the bounty of privilege should shoulder the greater risk, and should be willing to transform, divest of or spend such privilege by all methods available.” For IdeasCity Bronx Simmons and invited guests will ignite a session to engage the thoughts written above.

Marquita Flowers, New Resources: Health, Pleasure, Abundance, and $$$$$$$: A dialogue and somatic workshop on building a collective framework for resistance. Through examining the historical and current effects of resistance movements on our bodies how can we implement strategies for health, abundance, pleasure and $$$$$$$ into our lived experience in order to build new resources for The Bronx?

Oscar Oliver-Didier, Land and Housing: Dwelling in the Bronx: The Bronx is shaped by an incredibly diverse set of housing typologies. For years, a significant array of community-led processes and/or experimental tools for financing or building housing were deployed. In addition, there are countless examples of land development that fall outside of traditional canons of private property and market driven land speculation. A few examples are: infill redevelopment as part of the Model Cities program in Mott Haven, Coop City — the largest residential cooperative and single residential development in the US, community led planning processes such as the Melrose Commons Urban Renewal Area, planned communities like Parkchester, the single family ranch homes in Charlotte Gardens — built after arson destroyed most of the pre-war walk-up buildings that used to be there, and hundreds of NYCHA developments across the borough. Researchers and specialists on the subject matter will sit by side with community leaders and residents to discuss the challenges and possibilities of living in and developing new modes of housing production in the Bronx.

The Black School, BLACK SPACE: PYRAMID WORKSHOPThis workshop is devoted to learning about modular architecture in the interest of community building. Participants will use modular architectural processes to build smaller tetrahedrons and problem solve how to use them to build a larger tetrahedron. This activity will be used to help support the visioning process for transforming vacant lots and underutilized spaces into Black utopias. The resulting pyramid will serve as an altar to what you want in your community. The altar will be created as a catalyst for generating ideas, challenging assumptions and preconceptions and to increase the likelihood that people don’t produce new communal/learning spaces that significantly resemble ‘old spaces’ like schools and workplaces in terms of function, practice, and design.